Big Ideas. Real Impact.


We create the space for unique strategic experiences that meet your most critical business needs.


The Work.



We engage your team in a unique blueprinting process that includes mission, vision and strategic imperatives.



We increase leadership and team effectiveness through coaching, development, and growth acceleration.



We build world-class Learning & Development capabilities that enhance your team’s performance.


The Team.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience leading within world-class organizations, Partners Anthony Ewing, Norm Ralph, and Cathy Ach provide unique strategic experiences for you and your teams.

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Our Clients.

We are driven by connection.  This means establishing meaningful partnerships with our clients and delivering disproportionate value in new spaces.  We are humbled to partner with these and other great organizations. 

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The Journey.

Thoughtium is an illustrative and dynamic business that is evolving by the day.  We are documenting the entrepreneurial process as we go.  Take a look.

The Space for True and Intentional Business Strategy

I like to think that we all grew up on big ideas. As children, everything we did started with a vision. For example, when we would play outside with friends, we'd start by saying "let's build the most amazing treehouse". This vision would be at the center of our focus all day and night.