Big Ideas. Real Execution.


Creating the space for true and intentional business strategy is the foundation of the Thoughtium experience.  Our process is unique. We specialize in big ideas supported by real execution.


The Work.



We help you define the learning experience at your organization.  This starts with a strategic blueprinting process that defines your mission, vision, and strategic imperatives.



We ensure the learning experience can be felt in every aspect of your program.  This starts with designing experiences that will engage your people and challenge them to learn in new ways.


We activate your physical space as a platform that will accelerate the learning process.  This starts with a clear understanding of how our environment affects our learning.


The Process.

Thoughtium uses a proven strategic process that enables your team to focus on the opportunities that make the learning experience unique to your organization and improve learning outcomes.


The Journey.

Thoughtium is an illustrative and dynamic business that is evolving by the day.  We are documenting the entrepreneurial process as we go.  Take a look.

The Space for True and Intentional Business Strategy

I like to think that we all grew up on big ideas. As children, everything we did started with a vision. For example, when we would play outside with friends, we'd start by saying "let's build the most amazing treehouse". This vision would be at the center of our focus all day and night.