Create The Space - Thoughtium Vlog Episode 022

On this episode, we introduce our newest Partner at Thoughtium, Cathy Ach! The Thoughtium team unpacks the term "creating the space" and how it applies to the three capabilities of our consulting practice. It is extremely important to create the space in business leadership.

The ability to look up and out and see the bigger picture is the foundation of the strategic experience. We are so excited to bring these capabilities and more to our clients as we create the space for new and exciting work!

Today's Top Learning Trends - The 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report

On this episode, we review the 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report and some of the most relevant trends in adult learning. Most importantly, we share some of the things you can do to upgrade the learning experience at your organization.  For of our content, be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the "Subscribe Here" button below.

Starting a Podcast for Your Small Business

In this episode we talk podcasting with the founder of "Wrigleyville Nation" a predominant sports podcast in Chicago. Podcasting and audio content are making their way into the way we learn and do business.

Episode 018 covers how to get started with a podcast, best practices in production and distribution of your new podcast, and most importantly how to build a community using voice and video on social networks.

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What is Practitionership?

Are you approaching your work like an art form? Do you consider your career a vocation or a craft? On this episode, we explore the term "practitionership". This concept challenges us to consider where we are spending our time and how we can go deeper in our craft.

We also introduce our first Podcast! "Create the Space" is a weekly podcast dedicated to offer depth in spaces that are valuable to you. Each week we’ll create the space for strategic thinking, the builders mentality, and putting new ideas on the table to try with your team.

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"Leading with Authenticity"

On this episode, we talk about leading with authenticity and introducing concepts such as vulnerability and self-awareness in the workplace.  A better understanding of these concepts will help us blend our personal development with our professional endeavors and open doors to become more effective leaders.

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