What is Practitionership?

Are you approaching your work like an art form? Do you consider your career a vocation or a craft? On this episode, we explore the term "practitionership". This concept challenges us to consider where we are spending our time and how we can go deeper in our craft.

We also introduce our first Podcast! "Create the Space" is a weekly podcast dedicated to offer depth in spaces that are valuable to you. Each week we’ll create the space for strategic thinking, the builders mentality, and putting new ideas on the table to try with your team.

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"Leading with Authenticity"

On this episode, we talk about leading with authenticity and introducing concepts such as vulnerability and self-awareness in the workplace.  A better understanding of these concepts will help us blend our personal development with our professional endeavors and open doors to become more effective leaders.

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Try This Before a Big Presentation

Do you have a big presentation coming up?  Need a fresh new way to train your reps on the sales pitch?  On this episode, we talk about a concept called "storyboarding".  This is an effective way to prepare for presentations or train your new hires on sales content.  Let's get away from linear thinking when it comes to communicating.  Storyboarding allows you to take a step back from your presentation and group your content into key messages that support your main objective.

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I'm Starting a Vlog!

I am extremely excited to launch the Thoughtium Vlog.  Exploring the white-space.  Providing value in new areas.  This is the work I love.  I am thrilled to have the platform with my new Vlog and hope to shift the value proposition in your direction.  Watch Episode 001 below and click the "Subscribe" button to get regular updates on all my content in YouTube.